Fixed Gear Bike Brands – Single Speed Cycles Django Review

Fixed gear bike brands Melbourne

Fixed Gear Bike Brands: – Django Review

Going through a list of fixed gear bike brands to try and figure out what’s best for you can feel like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be as there are heaps of reviews to help make the decision process easier.

If you haven’t ridden a fixie before, you might find yourself asking, what is a single speed bike?

First of all, it’s good to note that a single speed or a fixie aren’t just a bikes, they are more like your fitness booster, your ethical identity, and your planet saver. But if you want to get technical, a single speed is a bike that doesn’t have a free wheel.

If you want to turn your single speed bike into a fixed gear bike, it’s easy because it is built with a Flip Flop Hub. All you have to do is just flip the back wheel around and you have a fixie (it’s as simple as that).

I have often been asked “what is the benefit of a fixed gear bike”? It basically is a simple but great machine that’s just powered by humans. It’s also a good way to stay present while embracing life and staying fit.

The concept of fixies was born around seven years ago in Melbourne and it has been growing in popularity ever since. There are many great fixed gear bike brands like the Avaro and the Yahto, but for this review, we’re going to focus on the Django.

Django Frame and Features

The Django features a black on black all matte frame and comes in two sizes, 54cm with 700c wheels and 58cm with 700c wheels. The bike is also accessorised by matte black 45mm deep dish double walled rims.

The standover height is pretty standard like most bikes at 54cm = 76cm (30″) and  58cm = 81cm (32″). Further, the rims are fitted with 700 x 28 tires which will help you hit high speeds while feeling comfortable riding in urban environments.

This custom built frame is lightweight (10.8kg) and setup to make city riding a pleasant experience. Whether you’re riding on a flat terrain or pedaling uphill, the Django will work your quads. So if you already have an established training routine, adding a fixie will enhance your fitness regime.

The crankset is a custom 44T x 165mm alloy that will enable more control and help you feel the raw power that you’re generating on this machine. This, in turn, will also make you feel like you are a part of the Django.

Riding a Django will Attract Some Attention

It’s also an attention grabber, so you have to be comfortable with people taking notice and dishing out compliments. The all matte black frame and rims boast a killer paint job while the welds are too perfect to notice.

Just like most fixed gear bike brands, the overall feel is absolutely smooth with fittings made to perfection. Not only that, the Django will also be delivered with a free ride option. The one year warranty will kick in as soon you get it professionally assembled at your local bike shop.

This means that you can start coasting pretty quickly. You can also make sure that you stay hydrated on the long rides with the water bottle braze-ons. So Single Speed Cycles has basically thought of everything and covered all bases.

What is the Benefit of a Fixed Gear Bike?

The benefits of fixed gear bikes like the Django are rooted in its simplicity and efficiency. As there are no gears, you will have to pedal continuously to keep your bike moving (even downhill). This will get the blood pumping while helping you get fit and healthy.

Fixies like the Django are also easy to maintain, with little to no ongoing maintenance costs and this ride is priced to kill. So you don’t have to break the bank to get with the trend. Further, you can ride pass all those packed trams on your Django feeling carefree because it’s perfect for the urban terrain.

So if you’re thinking of buying one of these fixed gear bike brands, you have to seriously consider the Django!


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